Thursday, March 27, 2014

Taping Beauty Pant

High Waist Pants For Perfect Shape

High waist design taping beauty pants
Material: 85% nylon, 13% spandex and 2% cotton
Massages your waist and abdomen to burn excess fat
Brings you a sexy and slim body soon
Comfortable to wear
Flattens stomach
Lifts buttocks and thighs
Generates heat and perspiration to burn fat
Breathable material for comfort

Being big may bring health complications like varicose veins which is not only bad for health, it definitely does not look good on the skin. Use your sleeping time well and put on these slimming pants to help you work out those fats in your legs to prevent varicose veins from forming for a healthier life. Here is what the deal offers:
-Japan Taping Beauty Pants
-Provides optimum pressure distribution on different parts of the leg
-Slims and sculpts your legs while you sleep
-Improves blood circulations
-Available colours: Black/ Brown

Size Available:  
L-LL (Waist 69-85cm and Hip 92-105cm)

Washing instructions:
-Neutral detergent and hand wash only
-After washing,  squeeze dry gently and place in a shady place to dry
-Bleach or alkaline wash must be avoided or the fibre and colour will be damaged
-Do not wash or dry in a washing machine

Harga: RM30


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