Monday, March 31, 2014

hello Kitty Fridge Hello Kitty

  • Hot/Cold, ON/OFF switch
  • Cools to 15-20 degrees below ambient temperature
  • Warms up to 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit
  • This Cooler & Warmer is a "Green" product, it cools and warms using advanced semiconductors, free of CFC's and refrigerants
  • Operates on DC 12V (cigarette lighter in car, boat), AC-220 or 240V (in home)
  • Capacity: 4 liters - holds 6 cans of soda
  • Dimensions:
    • Outside: 25x18.5x28cm
    • Inside: 14x14x21cm

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Apple Learning Holy Quran Machine With Projecting Lamp Apple Learning Holy Quran Machine With Projecting Lamp Apple Learning Holy Quran Machine With Projecting Lamp

Apple Learning Holy Quran Machine With Projecting Lamp

Apple Learning Holy Quran Machine With Projecting Lamp

PRICE : RM30.00 ONLY!!

RM 6.00 (WM)
RM 9.00 (EM)

Biasakan anak-anak mendengar surah-surah Al-Quran serta membesar dengan suasana Al-Quran. Gadget ilmiah ini sesuai semasa mendodoikan anak yang kecil agar terbiasa mendengar surah-surah Al-Quran. Sesuai juga untuk anak-anak yang pandai main tekan-tekan serta sesuai untuk kita pasang sebelum kita sekeluarga tidur. Bagi mereka yang mempunyai ibu atau ayah yang terlantar mahupun rabun, nak baca surah lazim dh tak nampak, boleh mainkan di telinga mereka. Ibu ayah boleh ikut baca agar sabar menghadapi sakit.


Ada 5 Fungsi :-

1) 26 doa-doa harian

2) 16 surah lazim...Surah Al-Fatihah, surah Al-A'diyat sehingga Surah An-Nas (Surah Al-Fatihah, surah ke 100 sehingga surah terakhir 114)

3) Ucapan 2 kalimah syahadah, Azan

4) 6 nasyid untuk anak2

5) Lampu utk tarik perhatian anak-anak. Juga utk ‘lock’ satu2 fungsi (cnthnya kita pasang surah, ianya automatik sambung dgn surah yang lain. Jadi tekan 3 saat butang ke-5 tu. Ianya akan lock. Anak=anak tekan butang apa pun tidak akan berfungsi. Jadi, anak2 fokus dengar surah)

Saiz Gadget : Sebesar genggaman dewasa

Saiz Bateri : AAA 3pcs

Color : Orange, Green & Yellow

Ada tali & boleh gantung di buaian ataupun leher


Friday, March 28, 2014


The CamiShaper’s one piece seamless design gives
you 360° of slimming technology that helps
smooth rolls & bulges and eliminate layers.
CamiShaper is the ultimate 3 in 1 garment: it’s a
camisole, a shaper and a bra all in one!
·body Make Yumi

Super soft camisole: wear it alone or under a
5 zones of comfortable compression targeting your
trouble areas (back, sides, stomach, love handles
and muffin top)
Built-in Genie Bra with soft contour cups custom
conforms to your shape to help lift and support
bust while minimizing back fat and spillage.
Flare comfort band hugs your hips to help control
love handles.
Easy to step in, one piece curve hugging seamless
Magic pouch accommodates removable modesty pads
for extra lift and coverage.

Science for Beauty, hot selling in Japan
- very good quality, good in beautifying body line
and waist line and can flatten stomach too
- can just wear this alone or wear as inner
- trendy design, most importantly is that it can
slim down your body after long term wearing
- Added germanium, titanium in burning fats
- The titanium, the germanium itself also has the
function in adjusting body's electricity and
soothing backache
- wearing it for 60 minutes is equivalent in
burning 377 calories
M~L (waist 64 ~ 77cm)
Color : Black Or Beige.



SQUIRT Baby Food Dispensing Spoon Features:
  • Recommended for age 4 months and up
  • Dispense baby food one bite at a time
  • Perfect accessory for use anywhere
  • Includes Protective cover to keep spoon clean between feedings
  • Silicone bulb holds up to 3-ounces of baby food
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA, Phthalate and PVC Free

  • Genius. (There. We said it.) SQUIRT isn't just a spoon; it's a revelation. It takes baby food, removes the jar and the mess, packs it into a single utensil and with one squeeze - Boom, you get easy, one-handed feeding. Pop on the cap to seal food on-the-go. Caution: May cause gobbling and an uncontrollable appreciation for anything delicious.

    The SQUIRT baby food dispensing spoon allows for convenient feeding, one bite at a time. The easy-to-fill bulb holds up to 3 ounces of baby food and attaches firmly to the spoon end. Simply squeeze the bulb to dispense just the right amount of food. The Boon SQUIRT Baby Food Dispensing Spoon comes with a protective cover to seal food in and keep the spoon clean between feedings. By combining the spoon and food container into one product, the SQUIRT makes one-handed feeding a snap.



    RM 55
    WHATPSS ME -0196111132

    Chopping Board

    Chopping boards

    MY PRICE : RM 60
    POSTAGE RM 10/ RM 18 WHATPSS ME - 0196111132

     can be a breeding ground for germs especially if you use the same board for everything. You'd want to keep your family away from bacteria like salmonella and e.coli.

    So what's the best way to do this? Of course by separating your different boards for different foods! You can do this with these 4 chopping boards which are colour coded for your convenience!

    Grey for fish
    Red for cooked foods
    Blue for raw meats
    Green for vegetables

    and there are handy little labels on each so you never get them mixed up.
    These 4 boards also have their very own storage holder so you can put them back when you're done!

    As well as this, the boards are all polypropylene and dishwasher safe, so if you don't feel like cleaning it, you can just pop it into the machine.

    So get yourself the 4 colour coded chopping boards and keep your  family and food away from potential germs.


    Number of Boards 4 + 1 Stand
    Storage Stand Dimensions 29cm * 7cm * 19.5cm
    Cutting Board Dimensions 28CM * 18.5CM * 0.6CM

    Perfect brownies

    The As Seen On TV Perfect Brownie Pan Set is the non-stick way to bake, slice and serve your favorite treat! It's not just for brownies...make fluffy cakes, awesome bar cookies or Grandma's apple pie squares and so much more!
    Manufacturer: Perfect Brownie.
    Retail Packaged: Color gift box.
    UPC Coded: Yes.
    Materials: Metal.
    Dimensions: 12 inches x 8 inches.
    RM 45 
    WHATPSS ME -0196111132

    Thursday, March 27, 2014

    Upper Arm Shape

    This new revolutionary slimming arm shaper can give you sexy and slim arms instantly. The secret is in the exclusive concave-convex weave engineering to massage, sculpt, shape, firm and slenderize.
    And it does all of this in comfort. It covers the upper arm just below your shoulder to just above your elbow ensuring all of your problem areas are targeted. Look inches smaller and  thinner.

    Recommended usage frequency : 4-6 hours daily (not during bedtime)

    3 Benefits :
    ·         Enhances blood circulation
    ·         Reduces hypodermic fat with regular wear
    ·         Reduces the appearance of cellulite
    Direction for use : For optimal results, put it on after shower for about 4 hours

    Warnings :
    ·         Do not bleach
    ·         Do not dry with dryer; only hand wash and dry clean
    ·         Do not exert pressure to pull the product as it might cause damage
    ·         Fingernails may damage product
    ·         If any sort of skin irritation occurs during or after utilization, cease usage immediately
    ·         Not suitable for sensitive skin


    Available Color : Black
    Size: Free (Arm Size : 20-30cm)
    Material : Nylon 89%, Spandex 11% (High Elasticity)
    Product are design in Japan & manufacture in China

     Retail price Price: RM15
    Borong price : moq 10 = rm 8/pcs
    whatpss me 0196111132


    Achieves the Best Body Curve Adjustment from Shoulders to Arms and Down to the Waist!

    Choose your size:
    M : Chest (88 CM - 96 CM) : Height (165 CM -175 CM)
    L : Chest(96 CM -104 CM) : Height (175 CM-185 CM)
    Color : Black

    Fabric berasaskan bahan yang sangat elastik untuk memberikan bentuk terbaik dari bahu ke lengan dan juga pinggang

    Designed with ultra-thin fabric to give maximum comfort when worn underneath any type of clothing

    Memberikan penampilan lebih kemas

    Fabrik sangat selesa dan tidak panas

    Ideal to be worn during sleep

    Particularly designed for men to draw in the abdomen and define waistline


    1. Support the chest, the abdominal region!
    Taping knitting prolonged over the chest and the abdominal region tightens it to the neat chest, stomach circumference.

    2. Support an arm rotation!
    The taping knitting that lengthened from a shoulder and the side to the sleeve part tightens it to the neat arm circumference.

    3. Support the back!
    The taping knitting that lengthened from the side of a shoulder and the chest to the back lets you be conscious of a back pin.

    4. Support side line!
    The taping knitting of the side tightens it to a neat silhouette from the side to the waist.
    Nylon 95% + Spandex 5%

    RETAIL PRICE :Harga: RM35
    WHATPSS ME :0196111132

    Taping Tights shaper


    *Innovative and revolutionary slimming design to get rid of flabby thighs instantly

    *Hides bulges, bumps and rolls while giving you the sexy, long-limbed and curvy hourglass figure 

    *Highly recommended by Taiwanese beauty expert Kevin 

    *Featured in Taiwanese talk show & Japanese beauty Talks Shows

    *Extremely popular in Japan and Taiwan

    *Massages for better blood circulation and burns fat at thigh area

    *Increases metabolic rate and burns twice the amount of calories compared to not wearing one

    *Simulates blood circulation during movement at the same time toning and firming the thigh 


    Warna: Hitam 

    Material: Nylon, Spandex (breathable fabric)

    Size: Ukur lilit paha: 40-50cm


    RM18 sepasang (Excluding Poslaju charge)

    Berminat Nak beli?
    Call. Text  0196111132

    Bengkung Band-Style (New)-Khas untuk wanita selepas bersalin

    Juga dikenali sebagai Breathable Postpartum Recovery Waist Belly Band/ Postpartum Recovery Belt After Birth Body Slimming shaper

    Postpartum recovery waist belly band / girdles, also known as abdominal binders or bengkung, are recommended to help the recovery of the abdominal muscles and skin after delivery, together with exercise may help a woman's waistline to return to her pre-pregnancy size.

    -Band-style support belts, which are simple but strong
    - Symmetrical blank for air flowing, user can do home work or office when using belt.
    -Help mom to ease back pain

    - Anatomical shape
    - Easy to wear, adjust and remove
    - Adjustable closure

     Why do you need it?
    1. Specifically designed to assist with discomfort associated with an enlarged abdomen in post-natal period.
    2. Medical grade product, can be used after normal delivery or after Caesarean Section.
    3. Assists in returning to your pre-pregnancy shape.
    4. Holds the tummy in, hence dramatically improving mobility, thus decreasing risk of post-natal health complications.
    5. Helps to tackle back and pelvis pain associated with delivery.
    6. Allow a full range of movement.
    Product specifications:

    -Velcro strips

    -Color : skin color

    -Size : Free

    -Super lightweight, soft and breathable design

    -100% Brand and high quality. 

    -Size :  93cm X 23cm, it can suitable for 75 to 100cm waist.

    -Material: high quality Nylon and Rubber

    -Elastic dan flexible

    Price: RM35

    whatpss me :0196111132

    Taping Beauty Pant

    High Waist Pants For Perfect Shape

    High waist design taping beauty pants
    Material: 85% nylon, 13% spandex and 2% cotton
    Massages your waist and abdomen to burn excess fat
    Brings you a sexy and slim body soon
    Comfortable to wear
    Flattens stomach
    Lifts buttocks and thighs
    Generates heat and perspiration to burn fat
    Breathable material for comfort

    Being big may bring health complications like varicose veins which is not only bad for health, it definitely does not look good on the skin. Use your sleeping time well and put on these slimming pants to help you work out those fats in your legs to prevent varicose veins from forming for a healthier life. Here is what the deal offers:
    -Japan Taping Beauty Pants
    -Provides optimum pressure distribution on different parts of the leg
    -Slims and sculpts your legs while you sleep
    -Improves blood circulations
    -Available colours: Black/ Brown

    Size Available:  
    L-LL (Waist 69-85cm and Hip 92-105cm)

    Washing instructions:
    -Neutral detergent and hand wash only
    -After washing,  squeeze dry gently and place in a shady place to dry
    -Bleach or alkaline wash must be avoided or the fibre and colour will be damaged
    -Do not wash or dry in a washing machine

    Harga: RM30


    WHATPSS ME 0196111132

    Wednesday, March 26, 2014

    INTEX Armrest Backrest family pool

    A humanized pool with full streamlined design
    Product Name: INTEX Armrest Backrest family pool
    Specifications: 229 × 229 × 46 cm
    Weight: 8KG
    Material: High-density non-toxic and durability of PVC plastic
    Product description:
    - Inflatable floor with seating, backrest with drain valve
    - Four built-in seats available for rest and care for children
    - Inflated the total height of 66CM, sidewall height is 46CM
    - High quality, safe, reliable, convenient and beautiful, small size, light weight
    Introductory Price: RM220

    Intex 56475E Swim Center Family Lounge Pool has 4 built-in seats with backrests and 2 drink holders.
    14 ga. (0.35mm) sidewall and floor; 10 ga. (0.25mm) seats. 233 gallon (882 L) capacity at 14" (36cm) wall height.
    Repair patch included.
    Age 3+.

    Contact us :0196111132

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