Saturday, December 7, 2013

minnie piano

Minnie Piano 

Meaney stunning beauty of the sound of the piano, super multi-functional, stunning lighting, led the children into the world of music, let the children fall in love with the music, the sound of the piano Minnie the United States, with eight kinds of musical instruments to imitate, 8 kinds of rhythm accompaniment, five kinds of drums accompaniment, 7-segment tempo, five kinds of effects DJ, 12 first in the world music appreciation, MiNi microphone to sing, comes close zither and a small stool, easy for kids to better enjoy the joy of music, come together and Minnie into music dream space bar.

Item Contain : A keyboard, a microphone, a stool

facebook ; tetty hayati
instragram : tetty1810
whatpss me : 0196111132

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