Thursday, July 21, 2011



Price from RM19 (excluding postage)
postage rm 7/ rm 9

What is it?
This UFO shape –rotating children bowl, linking together by two rotating bowls and ring, with centrifugal force-based design. Even if some of the external handle is up and down swings, but the internal part of the bowl will be maintained the balance according up the shaking openings, as far as possible to avoid the overflow of food. Design similar to the toys is a little good helper for training children to eat.

Children are free to holding a side of the bowl, even the melon seeds will not sprinkle. The middle part of the bowl will flip back and forth to the other side with the child's actions and do not have to worry about sprinkling out, so that mothers do not have to worry about children will sprinkle the snack foods everywhere!

1. Designed for children, such as the UFO shape.
2. Internal act as 360 degrees rotation switch center design,the food will not fall out.
3. Virtually Indestructible
4. Saves Time, No More Cleaning
5. BPA-Free Plastic
6. Not Microwave Safe

Product Details
Diameter of the bowl:9cm
Handle diameter:17.5cm
- Cover:Food Grade PE
- Bowl +Body Part:Food Grade PP
Products have passed product inspection
Packaging:Seal PP Packing bags

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