Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pre-Order sling Baby

Pre-Oder Premaxx Baby Sling Bag
Comes complete with box and manual book

ETA : November 04, 2010

RM70 (Exclude Postage)

#Pls make full payment for booking


Prémaxx: where love becomes visible!
Prémaxx is a Dutch company that was established more than ten years ago and is specialized in baby-products. All Prémaxx products meet current safety requirements and are subjected to stringent quality checks. The success of Prémaxx is translated into satisfied customers all over the world.

The Baby-Bag sling is a carrying system that can be used directly from birth as the baby is carried in the foetal position. The baby is accustomed to this natural position and feels safe and secure. This makes the Baby-Bag sling more than just a comfortable way of carrying the baby outdoors, it also has many ingenious indoor uses.

The Baby-Bag sling makes your baby feel safe and secure

Every new-born baby cries once in a while: crying is the only way it has to express its emotions and attract attention. The Baby-Bag sling is a real asset: the feeling of safety, the scent and warmth of the parent allows the baby to relax and fall asleep.

Quick and easy to use

The Baby-Bag sling is quick and easy to use thanks to the adjustable band that fits all sizes.


The Baby-Bag sling complies with the applicable European norm: EN13209-2/2005.

Extensive use

The Baby-Bag sling can be used in two ways, making it useful for a long period of time.
0 - 5 months in a lying position
5 - 18 months in a sitting position.

Product specifications

The Baby-Bag sling is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable.

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